My interest in design began at a young age. I grew up in a historic town and learned to love antiques and architecture with a history. My mother and I would spend afternoons walking estate sales and flea markets. It was on one of these adventures where I purchased the china set that is currently displayed in my china cabinet. I bought it when I was only eighteen and I still love it. Design has always been my true passion.

Of course it often takes time for true passions to be realized. After graduating from UW Madison, I began a career in advertising. Although the advertising industry offered some creative outlets, it became clear that a career in design was my ultimate calling. After ten years in the advertising industry, I enrolled at Harrington College of Design. Soon after completing coursework, I decided to go out on my own and in 2004, CCG Interiors, LLC was born.

Today, my business has evolved to include both residential and commercial projects. I have found that clients respond to my solid sense of professionalism and creativity as well as my ability to understand the needs of a young and evolving family. Using natural landscapes and personal collections as my inspiration, my designs reflect a timeless modern traditionalism which uniquely address both form and function.